What is Chiropractic?


Most people associate Chiropractic with back and neck pain, maybe headaches, scoliosis or even sciatica.  Usually people will say something along the lines of, β€œI went to a Chiropractor when I threw my back out" or"...twisted my neck funny.”  What most people do not realize is Chiropractic is a health care discipline, or modality, that provides much more than a drug free solution for back and neck pain. 

Chiropractic is most interested in the locating and the removing of a vertebral subluxation, which is an interference in your central nervous system (CNS).  The reason these subluxations can be detrimental to your health is the CNS is the master controller of your body and is directly related to our ability to function at our best.  The CNS coordinates and controls things you are conscious of such as moving your arm, to other functions such as your heart beating and your digestive system properly digesting food.  People who are suffering with digestive issues, allergies, asthma, headaches, sleeping, coordination and balance issues might be living with vertebral subluxations.  At Maverick Chiropractic, we provide specific chiropractic adjustments which removes the interference.  Removing the interference can help these issues or symptoms the patient has been experiencing. 

You might be thinking how do these subluxations happen?  Three categories of stress can cause subluxations to occur: physical, chemical, and mental/emotional stressors.  Examples of each would include postural changes, food choices, and relationships.  How many stressors can you count in each category in your life?  A big stressor we see early on is birth trauma, which is why we encourage families to be checked and adjusted in our office.  

We approach Chiropractic in our office as a lifestyle and we take things to a different level.  Not only do we offer the most up to date techniques and specific Chiropractic adjustments to suit your needs, but we combine this with workshops and programs to help with fitness, nutrition, stress relief and much more.  We take everything in your specific situation into account and customize a care plan for you.  Please contact us today so we can schedule your health consultation.

"There is a vast difference between treating symptoms and adjusting the cause." -Dr. D.D. Palmer